We at Green choice Carpet of Brooklyn have the best pet stain removal service in the whole Brooklyn area. We all love our pets dearly but when they leave us “presents” they quickly turn into a headache. Every stain should be addressed as quickly as possible and it is best if it is cleaned up immediately after its occurrence. This is essential into removing pet stains because they contain proteins and acid that if settled into the carpet fibers can eat them away. Also the proteins which the stain contains create a smell and this will provoke your pet to use this same area as a bathroom again. We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn have an enzyme based solution especially designed to break down the pet stains into their compounds and eliminate odors. We use only green and ecofriendly products so they are completely safe for everyone in your family including your pets.

Regular Household Cleaners Are Not Effective

A lot of our clients have tried to remove the stains on their own with regular household cleaning products but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. Regular household cleaning products will not completely remove the stains and the proteins will stay embedded in the carpet fibers. This will surely mean that the smell will remain and even if it appears to you that the stain is gone, it will resurface at some point. Since the smell is still going to be present this will provoke the urge of your pet to go in the same area again.

Our Cleaning Process

We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn have the best pet stain removal process in the whole Brooklyn area. If your pet had an accident we will be there to clean it up for you and bring your carpeting in original condition. We do have services especially designed to remove pet stains and we also have antibacterial, sanitizing and deodorizing treatment. Don’t waste your time and money with products that will only worsen the stains. Call us and we will save you time and money. With our experienced staff and our extensive knowledge about pet stains we are the best stain removal company in Brooklyn.