Does My Carpet Have Bacteria and Can I Remove It?

When it comes to carpets, most homeowners primarily worry about dirt and stains. However, there may be an even greater danger in your carpets that goes beyond simple aesthetics and basic cleanliness: bacteria. Just as bacteria lurks on the ground outdoors, it also has a tendency to track inside your home. Compared with non-carpeted surfaces, bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and campylobacter can embed in carpeting and stay put. Before you give up your beloved flooring, consider the ways you can get rid of bacteria in your carpet with the help of Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn.

Minimize Outdoor Contaminants

Since most bacteria enters the home from the outside, you must first take steps to minimize bacterial invasions from entering your carpets from the get-go. Taking off your shoes at the front door is one of the easiest ways to literally stop bacteria in its tracks. If you prefer footwear inside the home, consider having a pair for indoor use only. Make sure you clean the bottoms of shoes regularly by washing them or using disinfecting wipes.

Deep-clean Your Carpets

Vacuuming is an important step in overall carpet care, but it can only go so far in terms of bacterial removal. In fact, vacuums can only remove a small percentage of bacteria from carpeting. This means that getting rid of bacteria requires more than your trusted vacuum cleaner. Deep cleaners are available at home improvement stores and hardware stores alike, and these usually require a carpet shampoo or solution for use. Another method is steam cleaning with vinegar and water. The downside to both of these methods is that they can leave the carpet wet for a long time, and might breed even more bacteria from dampness. If you want to make sure your carpets are free of bacteria, you can use the cleaning and disinfecting services of Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn.

Use a Disinfecting Spray

Another method for bacteria removal is a disinfecting spray. Such products are also used for furniture and door handles, and are often promoted during flu season. Liberally spray the area and wait to use the carpet until the product is dry. The downside to spray-on disinfectants is that they might fail to remove bacteria lodged deep under carpet fibers.

Professional Cleaning is Key

Unless you plan on never setting foot outside again, bacteria on your carpets is an inevitable occurrence of everyday life. It’s certainly important to take measures in maintaining your carpet to keep it clean and healthy. The problem is that such measures can only go so far into protecting your family’s health. Our service for carpet cleaning in Brooklyn helps get rid of the pesky—and potentially dangerous—bacteria that builds up in your home flooring. Regular cleanings can help keep your family safe and happy throughout the entire year. Contact Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn to see how we can help.