Major Carpet Makers Say Must Use Professional Cleaning or Warranty is Void

Why You Need a Professional Carpet Cleaner

If you bought a new carpet, check the carpet warranty because most carpet manufactures will specify the amount of times you need to use a professional carpet cleaning company like Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn to clean your carpets. Failure to use a professional cleaner can void the warranty. For manufactures, vacuuming the carpets or even using a steam cleaning machine is not enough. If you bring up an issue with the warranty to get a repair, they can ask for receipts from a professional cleaning company.

Why Do I Need a Professional Cleaning?

green choice reviewsWhy do carpet manufactures want you to use a professional cleaner? Because dust in a carpet can increase the daily wear and tear and create traffic lanes where the carpet is worn down. As dust settles in a carpet, it accumulates inside the pile. The dust acts as an abrasive on the carpet fibers and slows cuts at them and even changes the shape of the carpet fiber. You might first see this as darken areas of the carpet. The color of the carpet has not changed, but the dust has cut in the fiber causing the light to reflect differently off the fibers. This is a sign that the fibers are being damaged by dust. A more advanced sign is that you notice loose carpet fiber. This means that the dust is is cutting away the carpet fiber. If the dust is not removed, you will loose more and more fiber and create a worn area in the carpet. For carpet manufactures, a professional cleaning will remove the embedded dust and keep the wear and tear on a carpet down and helping it last longer.

Regular vacuuming is an important part of keeping your carpet clean and to reduce the amount of dust in the pile. Do not rush while vacuuming but let the vacuum shake loose the dust from the fiber. This way you will pick up more dust and keep those carpet fibers clean. But at least every year, you should call a professional company like Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn to get out dust hidden in the pile and remove stains and odors. If you do this, your carpets will last for many years and help your home look its best.

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