Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NYC 20 % Off

Oriental Rugs Are Quality Heirlooms Requiring Professional Cleaning

Genuine Oriental rugs are truly a work of art. Made by hand, they may be knotted and have a pile or woven without one. They first became popular in the West in the 1800’s, and ever since they have been known as a significant investment of heirloom quality. Coming from China, or India or any other region of the East these precious commodities add color and elegance to your home with a distinctive touch of class. This impresses all who come there as well as uplifting the folks who call your house their home.

Such distinguished artworks deserve professional care, and that is where Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NYC comes into the picture. Using the best technicians and the most advanced equipment, we will do everything necessary to bring out in your artwork the glow of a new carpet, no matter what its condition. Because we have our own factory and skilled craftsman who can repair damage your masterpiece has incurred, you need not seek any further for the support you need to keep your carpet as impressive as it was when you first obtained it.

Our Processes

We can give you a free quote over the phone or arrange for a free on-site inspection. As always, pick up and delivery are also without a charge to you in the whole Brooklyn area. From pre-inspection to service, everything is done as you would want it to be. We start with dust removal, and proceed to a soaking process. We remove stains, spots and odors and finally dry the carpet with the best equipment available. Our equipment is top of the line, and all of our staff are professionally trained.


Damage your Oriental rug may have incurred is no challenge to us, as we have a fully equipped repair shop in Brooklyn where pile can be rewoven, holes and marks repaired and fringes reattached. Our craftsmen there are skilled and fully trained. We take pride in our work and treat your area rug as if it was our own.

Dust Extraction Process

The dust extraction process is performed with a special machine, and it removes the dust, dander, pet hair and dust mites that often get into fabrics. In our factory in Brooklyn, we soak the carpet in pools using solutions we have chosen based on our inspection of the material from which your Oriental area rug is made. Everything is done to ensure the best result. This soaking process removes the stains, marks, odors and deep embedded dirt that a vacuum oriented dusting process cannot reach.

Drying Process

The drying process may be the most important. With carefully chosen temperatures, your Oriental rug is spun in another machine, much like the commercial driers one sees at laundry mats but much larger. These machines are specially designed only for this use. They are not meant for any other service. We also have temperature and humidity controlled rooms for more delicate area rugs.

Free Pick Up and Delivery in Brooklyn

Once the rug is fully dry we deliver it to you as good as new. We do whatever repairs are needed before delivery, to make sure your rug delivers lasting value. Give us a call today so that we may offer a quote or arrange for an inspection in Brooklyn. It costs you nothing, and may bring about huge improvements.