If you have kids or just messy eaters in your family, you will undoubtedly at some point face the crisis of food stains on your upholstery. When this happens, it is best if you are prepared to face it. You do not have to worry about throwing the sofa out or covering it up. You can get even the most stubborn food stains out if you use the proper cleaning techniques. Here are some tips you can use to get food stains out of your sofa.

Check the Tag

Before you start sofa cleaning Brooklyn, you must first check the tag to look for cleaning instructions. Just like your clothes, most sofas will come with a tag that tells you what you can and cannot clean them with. Checking this tag will keep you from making the problem worse.

Get to Work Right Away

One of the most important keys to removing stains from your sofa is to attack them right away. When you start cleaning the stain immediately, it prevents it from setting in. Do not give the stain a chance to dry. A dried stain will be ten times harder to remove.

Remove the Excess Food

The first step in cleaning a food stain is to get as much food off as you can. When you are removing the excess food on the sofa surface, do it gently so as not to stain the sofa further. You can use a Shop-Vac to make sure that you get all the crumbs that you can removed from the sofa.

Use a Gentle Cleaner

When you are cleaning your sofa, you can get many stains out with a gentle cleaning solution of warm water and dish washing liquid. Use a mixture of one gallon of warm water and five teaspoons of dish washing liquid. Another gentle cleaning mixture that works well on food stains is 50 percent water and 50 percent white vinegar. This solution works particularly well on stains left by sugary foods.

Blot, Don’t Rub

The most important thing to remember about cleaning stains is never to rub them. You want to dab or blot the stain instead. If you rub the stain, it will just make it set in firmer. Also, don’t use too much liquid. You don’t want to drown the stain. Add a little of the cleaning solution at a time.

Look for Professional Help

Some food stains may seem impossible to tackle on your own. Don’t let these overwhelm you. Professional cleaning methods are far superior. If you have a stubborn food stain, turn to the sofa cleaning Brooklyn experts at Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn. They have the best techniques and tools for cleaning sofa stains of all kinds.

Food stains do not have to ruin your sofa. You can always get them removed with the help of an expert upholstery cleaner like Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn. Turn to them for the best sofa cleaning Brooklyn.