Upholstery Cleaning Brooklyn NYC 20% Off

Many carpet cleaning companies in Brooklyn NYC area avoid cleaning upholstery due to insufficient expertise in this area. At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn NYC we are experts in upholstery cleaning and know exactly what to do to make your sofa or chair look like brand new again.

Our Custom Cleaning Service

First and foremost we will send one of our upholstery cleaning Brooklyn NYC specialists to determine what the problem is. He will carefully examine your upholstery and make recommendations on which of our processes will get you the best results. We provide free onsite estimates after which you will have an exact idea of cost and our services. Our technicians always come prepared for the appointment and they will be able to perform the service for you right after they give you a quote.

Our Green Scotch Guard Stain Protectant

Food and pet stains are a common problem when it comes to upholstery cleaning Brooklyn NYC. We specialize in upholstery stain removal and will be able to address every situation you may encounter with no problem. We can either steam clean or shampoo your upholstery in order to remove even the toughest stains. We use only green cleaning products which are safe for your family, pets and environment. They are just as effective as regular household products without the harsh chemicals.
In order to protect your upholstery from stains in between cleanings we do have a green stain protectant. What it does is to prevent the stain to settle into the fabric of the upholstery and leave a smell behind. As far as upholstery cleaning Brooklyn NYC is concerned stain protectant is your best choice after the cleaning process has been completed. This way you don’t have to worry about any stains appearing after you just cleaned your upholstery and you can enjoy having them clean for a long time.

We Have a 20% Discount on All Cleaning Processes and Services!

Our upholstery cleaning Brooklyn NYC service is the best in the area. Our company has the most reasonable pricing in Brooklyn NYC and surrounding areas and our results speak for themselves. Because we value our existing clients and we would love to welcome new clients into the Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn NYC family we now have a 20% discount on all cleaning processes and services. Give us a call today and take advantage of our specials and deals and experience the best upholstery cleaning Brooklyn NYC Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has to offer.