Is Vacuuming Enough to Keep My Persian Rug Clean?

Now that you have purchased your Persian rug, it is important to learn how to take care of the rug properly. One of the questions you may have concerns vacuuming the surface and what it really does to keep the rug in good condition. While vacuuming will be the basis for your rug care regimen, there is a little more to the process.

What Vacuuming Will Accomplish

The first thing you need to understand about vacuuming and Persian rug cleaning Brooklyn is that you do want to vacuum the rug regularly. Unlike some other types of rugs, the fibers generally used in the creation of the rug will hold up quite well to vacuum cleaners. Your goal is to make sure that the vacuuming occurs often enough to remove any stray food crumbs or any dirt that is tracked in the house and onto the rug surface.

One precaution that you should take is to look at the way your vacuum cleaner is set up. If there is a beater bar present, make sure it is turned off during the operation. What you really want is the suction to gently lift up residue from the carpet fibers. This will help to reduce the wear on the rug while you are cleaning it.

What Else Should I Do?

While vacuuming is great, there is more to Persian rug cleaning that should be done. One important thing you must do is address spills as soon as they take place. Use a clean cloth to absorb most of the spill, and then apply some water to the area. The goal is to dilute whatever is left and make it possible to blot the rug until the spill is completely gone.

What About Over the Counter Stain Products?

Many of the stain products for rugs and upholstery are formulated to work well with material containing artificial fibers. Before you try any of these for rug cleaning, make sure the product is safe for use on the natural fibers used to create the rug. Using the wrong product will likely cause fading and could even damage the fibers severely.

Airing the Rugs

Another thing that you can do is to air the rugs from time to time. Take them outside and hang them in an area with a reasonable amount of shade and plenty of exposure to a breeze. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, since the light could fade the colors. While the rug is hanging, you can gently strike it as a way to dislodge any tiny residue that may be clinging to the rug fibers.

A Professional Cleaning

Along with general upkeep, it is in your best interests to have the rug professional cleaned at least once a year. Firms like Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn know exactly how to properly clean a Persian rug and not damage the fibers or harm the color. Ask about treatments that will protect the rug and help it to last for more years. The investment you make in the professional cleaning will result in having the chance to enjoy the rug for decades to come.