Jewels of Asia Chinese rugs are one of the many different kinds of area rugs made by Asian cultures. Hand-knotted Chinese rugs have distinctive characteristics. Each rug is unique. The patterns on the back of the rug are almost as bright as the designs on the front. The fringe is part of the area rug,...
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Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn NYC specializes in Pakistani area rugs, which are some of the most beautiful rugs available. These pieces of art are lovely; they have intricate designs, and have colorful patterns and textures. Pakistani area rugs are made by hand, so extreme care needs to be taken when cleaning them. It...
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Cleaning Your Turkish Rugs in Brooklyn NYC Turkish rugs are among the most beautiful rugs in the world. Depending on where they are produced, they may be flat woven or they may be hand-knotted, with painstaking care given to the fibers chosen, the colors that are offered and the designs that are produced. If you...
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A Flokati rug is a specific type of rug made from wool. The process of making it is ancient, and it is linked to the way the rug is dyed and made in ancient Greece (though this process continues up to the present day). This type of rug is considered a very stylish rug in...
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Protecting Antique Rugs Did you know that the typical antique rug should be taken in for maintenance every five years? Very few people do, and this could lead to accelerated wear and tear problems. There are only a few options when it comes to dealing with an aging, antique rug. If planning on keeping the...
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Many people love having a pet around the house for companionship and security. But sometimes those beloved dogs and cats can have toileting accidents on our beautiful or expensive household rugs. There is no need to worry. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn NYC is well prepared to take care of all your carpet cleaning...
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Highlighting The Beauty of Your Silk Rugs Silk rugs are, simply put, amazing. They are woven from the threads spun by silkworms, and then that thread is reeled by hand before it can be used. Silk is a material that has been used for thousands of years because of its strength and its shine, and...
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Benefits of Having Wool Area Rugs Wool rugs are some of the most popular type of rugs because of their longevity, versatility, and beauty. For so many years they’ve been handcrafted to add warmth and visual interest to rooms large and small. They can be woven with intricate designs that include a variety of bright...
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There are an extensive range of area rugs that may be found in homes across Brooklyn NYC. Some people have invested in fine Persian rugs, which are truly works of art. Others may have carefully selected wool rugs or other types of rugs based on their coloring and style. When you go through the time,...
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by Jancy on Greenchoice Carpet
Awesome work

Simply loves the work they had done for me.. keep going guys all the best!!

by Sharon on Greenchoice Carpet
Great job!!!!

Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn picked up 2 of my rugs to be clean. The rugs came back this morning and they look beautiful. Originally the rugs had odor but they were able to remove the odor completely. I am very happy from the cleaning. I can suggest to use Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn. Very nice people, great customer service!!!

by Lauren on Greenchoice Carpet

I live in Brooklyn NY. For few weeks I was searching for a local carpet cleaning company in Brooklyn area which I can trust giving them my rugs for cleaning and repair. Finally I found Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn. I have 2 antic persian rugs that I got as a present from my grandmother. The rugs needed good cleaning and moths damage repair. Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn did an amazing job!!!!! They fixed the moths damage and they did a great cleaning job, I am very satisfied!!!!Thank you Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn

by smith on Greenchoice Carpet
Good job

Timely delivery, Clean service, Friendly supervisor, 100% satisfaction.
I am happy that i contacted the right person