Oriental Rugs Are Quality Heirlooms Requiring Professional Cleaning Genuine Oriental rugs are truly a work of art. Made by hand, they may be knotted and have a pile or woven without one. They first became popular in the West in the 1800’s, and ever since they have been known as a significant investment of heirloom...
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When you are choosing a rug for the house, you need to consider the material that it will be made of. Most rugs are made of a composite fiber that feels nice under your feet, but a wool rug is much more luxurious. A wool rug is a much different option that is going to...
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Your carpet gets dirty faster than about any other thing in your home. This is especially true if you have pets or kids who love to track dirt all over your house. You carpets will wear out more quickly if they are not kept as clean as possible. In order to prolong the life of...
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When you are trying to clean up your small area rugs, you need to think about what your options are. You can call on an area rug cleaning in Brooklyn company, but you might be able to use your washer and dryer to take care of your rug. Look over the options below to see...
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When it comes to carpets, most homeowners primarily worry about dirt and stains. However, there may be an even greater danger in your carpets that goes beyond simple aesthetics and basic cleanliness: bacteria. Just as bacteria lurks on the ground outdoors, it also has a tendency to track inside your home. Compared with non-carpeted surfaces,...
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Pets love to find soft places to sleep. Some local residents allow their pets to sleep on the sofas and chairs in their homes. Others may find their pets relaxing leisurely when they wake up in the morning or when they return home. Despite your best efforts to keep your pets off the furniture, they...
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Now that you have purchased your Persian rug, it is important to learn how to take care of the rug properly. One of the questions you may have concerns vacuuming the surface and what it really does to keep the rug in good condition. While vacuuming will be the basis for your rug care regimen,...
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If you have kids or just messy eaters in your family, you will undoubtedly at some point face the crisis of food stains on your upholstery. When this happens, it is best if you are prepared to face it. You do not have to worry about throwing the sofa out or covering it up. You...
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If we had a less number of dogs and children, then the chances of getting a dirty carpet would be relatively minimal. However, urine, dust, food stains and the fact these ‘accidents’ (dogs and children) are unavoidable, and make carpet cleaning an inevitable service. What better way to have your upholstery and carpet cleaned in...
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by Jancy on Greenchoice Carpet
Awesome work

Simply loves the work they had done for me.. keep going guys all the best!!

by Sharon on Greenchoice Carpet
Great job!!!!

Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn picked up 2 of my rugs to be clean. The rugs came back this morning and they look beautiful. Originally the rugs had odor but they were able to remove the odor completely. I am very happy from the cleaning. I can suggest to use Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn. Very nice people, great customer service!!!

by Lauren on Greenchoice Carpet

I live in Brooklyn NY. For few weeks I was searching for a local carpet cleaning company in Brooklyn area which I can trust giving them my rugs for cleaning and repair. Finally I found Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn. I have 2 antic persian rugs that I got as a present from my grandmother. The rugs needed good cleaning and moths damage repair. Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn did an amazing job!!!!! They fixed the moths damage and they did a great cleaning job, I am very satisfied!!!!Thank you Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn

by smith on Greenchoice Carpet
Good job

Timely delivery, Clean service, Friendly supervisor, 100% satisfaction.
I am happy that i contacted the right person