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Beautiful Handwoven Rugs

Unique kilim rugs are handwoven using techniques that originated in Pakistan and nearby regions. Woven as tapestries, these floor coverings typically have brightly dyed fibers woven into geometric patterns. Larger rugs are used to protect underlying flooring in a variety of buildings while smaller ones are often rolled and carried from place to place. Kilim rugs are an element in many individual’s homes to use during prayer but are also vital for providing an attractive décor while keeping floors warm. The weaving technique used in these floor coverings is extremely tight to make a flat rug without a high pile.

Protect Delicate Fibers

Our kilim rug cleaning business in Brooklyn NYC analyzes fibers carefully to provide the best cleaning process. Most of these rugs are made of wool and cotton but sometimes hemp fibers are used instead. Whatever the type of fibers in the rug, our cleaning process is customized to prevent damage to the materials on the top and bottom. We use a specialized device to hold rugs in place to suction away debris before dusting it with eco-friendly cleansers. Most rugs are cleaned efficiently with this method due to having a small amount of debris, but we also offer additional services.

Removing Difficult Stains

Rug soaking is a process that is needed for rugs and our kilim rug cleaning business in Brooklyn NYC is able to provide this service. Occasionally, a rug is stained with beverages, food or pet urine, requiring an extensive soaking to remove debris and odor. To prevent shrinkage, the rug is kept stretched on a device as it is lowered into a soaking solution that lifts stains from fibers without scrubbing. Full immersion rug washing is accomplished quickly to avoid degrading the cotton and wool fibers. After this cleaning process, we are able to begin the drying process.

Making Essential Repairs

Drying a rug quickly is necessary to prevent fibers from shrinking or developing mildew odors. The kilim rug should remain in a frame as air is blown against and through it to dry the fibers as fast as possible. This technique prevents the rug from changing shape as it dries. Our kilim rug cleaning experts can in Brooklyn NYC inspect the rug during this time to see if the item requires repair such as fixing loose threads or repairing the floor covering’s backing material.

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Caring for your kilim rug is essential to remove debris and stains from the fibers. Only a professional kilim rug cleaning business like ours located in Brooklyn NYC understands the proper way to sanitize these floor coverings to prevent fiber shrinkage and fading. Never trust your fiber floor coverings to anyone else but us because our business has the specialized equipment necessary to inspect, dust and clean handwoven rugs by hand before drying the item carefully. We are always available to schedule an appointment on-site to provide information and quotes concerning our services. For busy customers, we offer free pick up and delivery.