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Oriental Rug Cleaning Services in Brooklyn

Green Choice Carpet has visited the countless homes in Brooklyn in every neighborhood and we have seen an amazing diversity of Oriental rugs.

But this is challenge to rug cleaners because they are also made from many different materials and dyes, and can be decades old.

With every rug we receive from our clients, we make sure to inspect each rug carefully and to create a cleaning process that will ensure a safe but thorough cleaning result.

Oriental rugs are often valuable investments and family hierlooms. At Green Choice, you can rely on our skill and knowledge of Oriental rug cleaning to make sure you get back a beautiful rug.

How We Clean Oriental Rugs

There is no one way to clean an Oriental rug. Without carefully inspecting the rug before cleaning, an inexperienced cleaner that cause a damaging color rug that ruins the rug.

We look over the rug carefully and test the dyes, which is particularly important if the client has pets. Pet urine weakens dyes and can cause it to run in the rug without proper precautions.

Once the inspection is finished, we dust the rug and then soak the rug in a cleaning pool and add our green certified cleaning solutions.

Because the solutions is neutral ph and contains no harsh chemicals, it will not cause the dye to run. Once the rug is thoroughly soaked, we scrub the rugs to removed out the dust, stains and odors.

After cleaning we rinse the rug with clean water and spin dry the rug. Our spin dryers remove up to 95% of the water which means no dirty water is left in the rug.

Other companies without our rug cleaning technology will just hang the rug and let the dirty water remain in the rug.

When you get your rug back, you will be amazed at how clean and vibrant it looks. When you want to make sure your rugs are cleaned by real experts, call Green Choice of Brooklyn.

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