Silk Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NYC 20% Off

Feb 17, 2015

Silk Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY 20% Off

Highlighting The Beauty of Your Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are, simply put, amazing. They are woven from the threads spun by silkworms, and then that thread is reeled by hand before it can be used.

Silk is a material that has been used for thousands of years because of its strength and its shine, and though pure silk rugs are rare, silk rugs that are woven with another fiber, like wool, have both strength and beauty.

Silk is a natural fiber that can be dyed to nearly any shade and woven into any pattern. When it comes to silk rug cleaning in Brooklyn NY, professionals must provide specialized care and services.

It requires the right equipment and the correct training.

With our staff of trained rug cleaners and our full repair shop in Brooklyn NY, we have everything that it takes to make sure that your rug returns to you in amazing shape.

We outsource none of the work that we do, and with our full range of equipment, the results that we deliver are nothing short of astonishing.

What Are Some Of The Tools We Have At Our Disposal When You Want To Get Your Silk Rug Looking Amazing?

First, we have an industrial dusting machine in our factory in Brooklyn NY.

Dust may not seem very dangerous, but when you examine it under a microscope, you can see that it is composed of minerals with very sharp edges.

These edges abrade your silk fibers, leaving them dull and weak.

This dusting machine takes the dust off of the rug without hurting the rug itself.

From there, the silk rug moves on to our soaking area in our factory in Brooklyn NY.

Using our own blend of carefully designed cleaners that will preserve your silk rug’s sheen and integrity, the soak is used to remove stains and smells.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, grease will darken a part of the rug, and that is exactly what this portion of the cleaning is designed to address.

Of course, after that, the rug is inspected for spots and for anything that might have been missed in the initial pass. If there are any spots that have issues, the cleaning will continue.

We have found that a human inspection beats out any kind of exhaustive machine washing in Brooklyn NY!

After that, your rug is dried. Instead of hanging your rug up and allowing it to become stretched and deformed over time,

your rug is carefully dried using professional standards, allowing it to emerge in exactly the shape that it was. This is perhaps one of our most important cleaning tasks, and we always make sure to take extra care with it!

Call Us Today At 718-475-1096!

When you need your silk rug cleaned in Brooklyn NY, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 718-475-1096. Our cleaning process is second to none, and on top of that, we are more than willing to tell you what we think of your situation.

You can call us up for a free quote for our services over the phone, or you can call us to schedule a free inspection.

You may be wondering if your silk rug can be cleaned efficiently, and the answer is yes.

We have the most reasonable pricing in the whole Brooklyn area. Take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service to get your silk rug cleaned today!