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Are You Looking for an Expert in Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn NY?

No matter what type of rug you have, Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn knows the best way to make your rug look like new again. With over twenty years of rug cleaning experience in Brooklyn, we have cleaned every type of rug. Our staff has the skill and knowledge to properly and effectively clean your rug. Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn is dedicated to providing the best rug cleaning in Brooklyn. We have our own rug cleaning factory in Brooklyn which is equipped with state of the art rug cleaning technology to give your rugs a thorough cleaning.

Want the Best

Why Do You Need Rug Cleaning Specialist ?

Because rugs are often placed in high traffic areas, they can take heavy wear and tear everyday. After a few years they can have stains from dropped food, tea and coffee that can be very difficult to remove. We inspect every rug before cleaning because if the dyes are weakened because of urine, they can easily run during cleaning, and you are left with a ruined rug. We know how to protect your rug during cleaning from urine and make sure that the urine is completely removed without damaging the appearance of your rug. When you want a real specialist for rug cleaning in Brooklyn, Green Choice is your first choice.

Do You Want to Protect

Your Carpet, Rug and Upholstery from Stains?

Are your carpets looking dirty and you do not the time or equipment to get them fully clean? Or are you busy and want a professional cleaner to do the tedious work and save you time? Then Green Choice is the cleaning team you need for carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning in the Brooklyn area.

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Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn specializes in cleaning all types of area rugs. From Oriental rugs to Machine-made rugs, we clean them all in our rug cleaning factory that is located in the heart of Brooklyn. At our rug cleaning factory, your rug will be cleaned by our trained staff using the most modern rug cleaning machines.

Client Reviews

  • I used Green Choice to clean a couch my cats had practically destroyed but I didn’t want to get rid of. Jimmy came and did an excellent job of not only making them look great, but getting that AWFUL smell out. Thank you Green Choice Carpet!

    Samantha harmon
    Service: Rug Cleaning
  • I am so glad I chose Green Choice Carpet. I have a 20 years old rug that looks like a brand new rug now!!! I am so happy I listened to this professional technician who told me the rug could look perfect. they did a professional job, great quality, nice and honest people, fair price. I will definitely use this company again, everybody should.

    Nathan Baranes
    Service: Rug Cleaning
  • I was quite surprised on how good the service was! I had a huge stain on my carpet and now it is completely gone, I was convinced there will be some residue leftover but thanks to Angelo’s wonderful service my carpet now looks brand new. I recommend Green Choice for their fast and efficient service!

    Aleksandra Laniewska
    Service: Carpet Cleaning
  • Green Choice cleaned my Moroccan runners, very good rugs. They were professional and courteous and did the job in one week, delivered on time. The rugs look beautiful, cleaned with natural products. I would trust them with rugs of the highest quality.

    Sarah Key
    Service: Rug Cleaning
  • I called Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn and booked an appointment for a specialist to come out and provide me with an estimate. The guy was very professional and knowledgeable and explained what exactly needs to be done for the carpets and the furniture to look and smell good. I decided to go with Green Choice because their price was reasonable and their technicians are professional. I got the best results and I’m very happy with the service.

    Wendy Miller
    Service: Carpet Cleaning
  • Mike & his team came in with professional opinions about the best cleaning for my couches. Most importantly they were honest in what would make the most visible difference. Coming from the service industry myself, I had high expectations & would recommend them to friends.

    Adriana Henao
    Service: Carpet Cleaning

Best Rug Cleaning In Brooklyn

We have the hearts of all the citizens of Brooklyn as we have them constantly talking about our services and how happy the results have been. With special attention to details, we make sure we no rug is left unturned, and no stain is left unremoved. We like to think of ourselves as a family and beyond being merely a company, we have teams of workers who have been dedicated to what they love and understand that cleaning is the real deal, it’s what we love doing. We take each customer very seriously and make sure you come to join us as one great family. No matter the piece of rug, we have your stains covered up.

We like to think of every customer as an addition to our big family, and at such, we handle all your requests with care making sure you leave us satisfied to return to us yet once more. We are happy seeing you get a big grin of satisfaction and this particular attention we pay on making you happy is what sets us apart from other cleaning companies. Another thing that we take pride in is our team of excellent professionals that provide and deliver unmatched quality in response and delivery making sure only the best tools, equipment, formula, products and methods are employed in bringing your rugs to a steady and perfect finish. We don’t just stop at doing a great job, we do it and do it once to make sure there is no need for a revision; this is our pride and secret weapon in making sure we fulfill all your cleaning needs.

Rug Cleaning

Professional Brooklyn Rug Steam Cleaning

Taking a break from the orthodox way of cleaning your rugs, we also have a more thorough and specific way of bringing your rugs to a clean finish. We make use of the steam cleaning process to effect a deeper cleaning process than the little facial lift we would give. The choice of steam cleaning over hand cleaning is dependent on you and what you feel you want to do, but we strongly advise from a professional point of view the type of cleaning service that would suit your rug type and design. Our technicians have a habit of always wanting the best to be delivered and as such know how to handle their machines very well in making a good cleaning finish.

Rug types vary, and so does the setting for our steam cleaners, we make sure we take on the excellent cleaning technique and setting for your rug type so you have nothing to worry about, in no time your rug would be cleaned and restored to you with nothing but retention in quality and design. We make sure we apply the steam cleaning method to make a quick but serious wash on your rugs and in no time we also use the machine to help dry the rug just in case you need it for something else within the day. We do not get in the way of your family and time, but all we seek is to deliver our promise of quality from the very start of the process to the end also.

Rug Cleaning

Baby Safe Product For Area Rug Cleaning

We often have times heard of reports from unsatisfied customers complaining about reaction and allergies they go from their rugs after a cleaning company worked on their rugs and we understand the cause of it. When working with Green Choice, you would notice that our focus is not on getting the job done efficiently alone but also in making sure that you do not get irritations and allergies after our service. With our wealth of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t work, what is harmful and what is mild on the skin, we research newer safe methods to help you achieve better results but all with the consideration of our customers.

We understand you have children and your children would love to make your rug their playground, we make sure all the products we use for your area rug cleaning are safe and not toxic so that you can enjoy your rugs after a good clean. Unlike other cleaning companies, we make sure all of our cleaning solutions do not contain a certain chemical called formaldehyde which as harmful effects especially to babies. We make sure the cleaning process does not affect the health of your baby afterward because only non-toxic chemicals are used to effect a thorough change. Be rest assured that our promise of quality is also supervised by us so that we can maintain the highest standards in cleaning. This is more than cleaning, it is also life, and we would stop at nothing to make sure life is protected.

Rug Cleaning

Hand Wash Only For Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

The foundation upon which our company lies is one of trust and reliance. In all of our dealings, we make sure you leave us satisfied, and then we leave you to spread the word of the good work you have just come across to as many as you wish. Some persons have been given the wrong impression about steam washing being a way to destroy your rugs without repair permanently, and we stand to say it is not true, our trained technicians know how to handle any rug and all rugs as the case may be.

If you are still very skeptical about using a steam wash technique, we also offer our services in Hand Wash only for oriental rugs. What this means is that we are at your service to also get our hands dirty by washing your rugs and putting them in the right order. We make sure the difference between the former state of your rug and its later state is very clear. No one ever regrets employing our services as we know what it means to take on a cleaning job and put in our very best. Green Choice is dedicated to serving you and making sure only the best results are delivered.

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 4 reviews
by Jancy on Greenchoice Carpet
Awesome work

Simply loves the work they had done for me.. keep going guys all the best!!

by Sharon on Greenchoice Carpet
Great job!!!!

Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn picked up 2 of my rugs to be clean. The rugs came back this morning and they look beautiful. Originally the rugs had odor but they were able to remove the odor completely. I am very happy from the cleaning. I can suggest to use Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn. Very nice people, great customer service!!!

by Lauren on Greenchoice Carpet

I live in Brooklyn NY. For few weeks I was searching for a local carpet cleaning company in Brooklyn area which I can trust giving them my rugs for cleaning and repair. Finally I found Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn. I have 2 antic persian rugs that I got as a present from my grandmother. The rugs needed good cleaning and moths damage repair. Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn did an amazing job!!!!! They fixed the moths damage and they did a great cleaning job, I am very satisfied!!!!Thank you Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn

by smith on Greenchoice Carpet
Good job

Timely delivery, Clean service, Friendly supervisor, 100% satisfaction.
I am happy that i contacted the right person