Why Choose Green Choice for Oriental Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn?

Why Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning in Brooklyn NY

Most people may try a do-it-yourself cleaning with store bought supplies but a professional rug artisan such as Green Choice Carpet  of Brooklyn would be the best choice to use to clean a customer’s beautiful room masterpiece.

What Cleaning Regimen is Best for Oriental Rugs?

Generally, oriental rugs are soaked in cool water with a mild cleaning agent and cleaned by hand. A person does not need to put their oriental rug through a machine at any point and time.

This process of cleaning from Green Choice Carpet  of Brooklyn will effectively clean your fine oriental textile rug without damaging it.

If a person puts an oriental textile into a machine, the rug may be damaged. At Green Choice, we have our own factory for oriental rug cleaning in Brooklyn that specializes in cleaning valuable handmade rugs from around the world.

The Best Way to Clean an Oriental Rug

Hand cleaning is the proper cleaning regimen technique that may be used professionally to clean a customer’s fine oriental textile rugs in Brooklyn.

By carefully soaking the oriental rug in the right cleaning solution, deeply embedded dirt, stains and odors are released from the rug.

Our Oriental Rugs Cleaning Process in Brooklyn

Green Choice’s  5 step cleaning process used to clean beautiful oriental textile rug. The first step in this oriental textile rug cleaning process is dusting and removing of the most common rug spots.

The second step is to use a soap that is specifically designed to clean and restore a fine oriental rug textile without damaging the masterpiece.

The third step would be to gently and effectively use a rinsing method that would be good for the oriental rug textile.

The fourth step would be to dry the oriental rug textile by using fans and warm air.

The fifth and final step would be to groom and detail the fine oriental rug textile to sheer perfection for their customer’s overall satisfaction.

Our Specialty Cleaning: Oriental Rugs

Oriental textile rugs have to have specialty cleaning from time to time for any pet or human urine stains.

Generally, Green Choice in Brooklyn will use a specialty process that will cost additional monetary funds besides the regular cleaning fees for their oriental textile rug room masterpiece.

If you live in Brooklyn would like your oriental  rug cleaned to sheer perfection, please feel free to give Green Choice Carpet  of Brooklyn  a call at your earliest convenience.

You will be glad that you did!