Nail Polish Stain Removal in Brooklyn

We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn have the best service for nail polish stain removal.

I am sure we (women) all at some point have dropped nail polish bottles or brushes on carpeting. The stains are very visible and such a hassle to remove.

I being guilty of the same thing did some research on how to remove a nail polish stain from carpeting.

I have read in a lot of blogs that to remove a nail polish stain one should use shaving cream, vinegar and even nail polish remover.

Nail Polish Remover is Not Safe for Your Carpeting

At Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn we advise you not to attempt to remove nail polish stains on your own.

In our experience we have found that a professional cleaning will save you time, money and a lot of damages. Nail polish remover is a solvent that is designed to eat through plastic and paint.

When you attempt to clean a nail polish stain with nail polish remover the solvent will sink in deep into the carpet fibers and penetrate through the carpet backing.

Since it is designed to eat away plastic and paint it will dissolve the adhesive carpet backing. This goes without saying for area rugs as well.

Another risk that you take is that the nail polish remover will make the color of your carpeting fade. You may think if you have beige or white carpet you are safe but this is not the case. You may be successful in lifting the stain off the carpet but then the nail polish remover will damage the backing of the carpeting as mentioned above.

As we all know there are very expensive area rugs with delicate fibers. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn advises you not to use nail polish remover to remove nail polish stains because the solvent will surely damage the delicate fiber of your area rug.

This may lead to holes appearing in your rug as well as damages that may not be repaired.

Call a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Green Choice Carpet cleaning of Brooklyn has extensive knowledge and experience in all types stain removal.

This is why our advice to you is to call a professional in order to save a lot of time, money and headache. We have been witnesses of clients trying to remove a stain on their own to save money, instead they damage their area rugs and carpeting and then they have to turn to us.

In some cases we are able to remedy the situation but in others the damage is permanent and not repairable.

Our staff is the best in the whole Brooklyn area and they will give you the best advice on what needs to be done to remove the stains form your carpeting.

Our technicians are fully trained and bonded as well as efficient.

They will not waste your time and they will provide you with the best service possible without further damaging your area rug or carpeting. Call us today for more information on our services in Brooklyn.