Pakistani Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NYC 20% Off

Feb 18, 2015
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Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn NY specializes in Pakistani area rugs, which are some of the most beautiful rugs available. These pieces of art are lovely; they have intricate designs, and have colorful patterns and textures.

Pakistani area rugs are made by hand, so extreme care needs to be taken when cleaning them. It takes 3,000 hours to weave a Pakistani area rug which makes them area rugs of a very high value.

Our Custom Hand Wash Process

Perhaps you have tried traditional home remedies for your Pakistani area rug, and none have worked. Think about trying our professional hand wash service in Brooklyn NY.

Our specialists will hand wash your area rug because of its delicacy and to ensure that it is not damaged in any way.

All cleaning solutions are green and they will clean the area rug without leaving one single stain. Our staff has extensive experience and they will make sure to give your rug the highest quality treatment.

Protecting Your Area Rug in Between Cleanings

There are several processes that we will use to clean your area rug. They include inspecting, washing, sanitizing, deodorizing, scotchguarding and drying your rug ensuring great results.

These processes are developed to protect your rug from sustaining further damage from regular every day wear and tear.

First, our technicians will inspect the rug, making sure that they know where all stains are.

Then, they will remove all the dirt and dust from the rug, making sure none is left behind and the cleaning process can proceed.
The next step is hand washing the area rug, which is an extensive and delicate process to get your rug clean.

And finally, they will dry the rug, using a combination of specially-formatted heat drying and also air conditioning so that when your rug returns to you it is looking even better than ever.

Regular Professional Area Rug Cleaning Are Recommended

Even if you don’t have stains on your Pakistani area rug, it is recommended that you have it professionally cleaned regularly.

This process will lower the chances of wear and tear problems as well as fading of colors or other damages. Area rugs can accumulate allergens and distmites which are the common cause of asthma and allergy symptoms.

If you need a professional area rug cleaning in Brooklyn NY we are your best choice!
Our company is local in Brooklyn NY and has a strong record of serving clients and customers throughout the NY area.

Our reputation is solid and has been built up over time,We strive to make sure our customers are satisfied and they enjoy the quality attention

Pakistani area rugs are very delicate beautiful and expensive pieces of art and they have to be cleaned and treated with great care and respect.

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