Shag Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY 20% Off

Oct 19, 2019

Shag Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY – Same Day Service — 20% OFF

A shag rug is a stylish addition to any room, and many people love to feel the thick plushness of this style of rug under their feet.

The unique texture can add to the appeal, enhancing your décor with intense, interesting results.

While there may be numerous benefits associated with tossing a shag rug across your floor, the unfortunate truth is that these rugs can be difficult for you to keep clean on your own.

Their thick fibers can collect dirt and can harbor odors. Stains and other issues can be difficult to remove without impacting the overall look of the rug.

After all, you may not want your rug to look as though you have spot cleaned it.

If you have this type of rug, rest assured that our professionals at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn NY can provide you with effective shag rug cleaning in the Brooklyn NY and surrounding areas.

Shag Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY

Regular Vacuum Cleaning is Not Enough

You can keep your rug partially clean with regular vacuuming, but periodically you will want to contact our team in Brooklyn NY for shag rug cleaning services.

Our in-depth cleaning process has multiple stages, and the entire process is completely effective at removing dirt and safe for the rug itself.

The first step is for you to contact our office in Brooklyn NY for an appointment.

One of our friendly professionals will travel to your home to provide you with a customized quote with our competitive rates.

If you are ready to have your rug cleaned at that time, it can be removed from your home.

Our cleaning process typically takes only five to seven days, and we will return the rug to you as soon as it is cleaned.

brooklyn NY Professional Shag Rug Cleaning brooklyn

Our Specially Designed Dusting Process

The next stage in the process involves dusting the rug.

Vacuuming can remove some of the dirt, pet dander and other dry particulates from the rug, but our dusting service in Brooklyn NY is far more intense.

This is a proven method that can cause most of the particulates that are trapped in the rug’s fibers to fall naturally away.

Once the loose particulates have been removed through the dusting stage, the actual cleaning process will take place.

This is a safe method that will not result in colors fading or running.

We use eco-friendly products to clean rugs, and these cleaning agents are safe for the environment as well as for your kids and pets.

Once the rug has been cleaned, we utilize a unique drying process that will ensure that the shape and texture of the shag rug remain intact.

The end result is a shag rug that has a restored appearance with a fresh scent.

We Offer Free Pick Up and Delivery in Brooklyn NY  and the Surrounding Areas

Cleaning a shag rug is not a task that you want to attempt at home.

It requires special techniques and the right cleaning agents in order to preserve the integrity and style of the rug while still removing dirt, stains, and odors.

If you have a shag rug in your home that has become dirty or odorous, your best option is to reach out to our team in Brooklyn NY for assistance with shag rug cleaning service.

Because we want to make our clients happy we have a 20% discount on all of our cleaning services.

Give us a call today at 718-475-1096 and learn more about our amazing deals and great pricing.

Our friendly staff is standing by to answer all questions you might have regarding area rug cleaning in Brooklyn NY and the surrounding areas.