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Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights

Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn is an all green company that uses Eco friendly products for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning.

Not only are the materials used green and Eco friendly, they’re also family and pet safe and powerful enough to remove dirt and stains.

Rug Cleaning

Here at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights, we have a state of the art rug cleaning facility.

We offer a variety of services from steam cleaning, to pool treatments and hand washing.

We offer free pick up and free delivery for all our clients for rug cleaning in Brooklyn Heights.

Our staff is trained and experienced in getting you the results you deserve and we specialize in cleaning Persian and Oriental rugs.

We perform all our rug cleaning in Brooklyn and our prices are the best in the area.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is a great way to freshen up your home.

Upholstery cleaning offers many benefits. Cleaning your furniture regularly helps to rid it of dust particles and allergens that may cause you irritation.

Here at Green Choice Upholstery Cleaning Brooklyn Heights, we offer a green cleaning solution that is safe and effective!

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses and box springs benefit greatly from cleaning on a regular basis.

They are often home to bed bugs, dust mites and other bacteria that can cause health related issues.

Because mattresses have such frequent use,Green Choice Mattress Cleaning Brooklyn Heights offers a great green cleaning without the use of chemicals.

Service Hours

Our service for carpet cleaning in Brooklyn Heights is available seven days a wee and 24 hours a day.

A representative is available by phone to answer any questions you have and to schedule your appointment.

We also offer emergency services at your convenience for water damage.

Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning in Brooklyn Heights

You most definitely deserve the best, and you should stop at nothing to get it.

You should know very well that carpet and rugs are have become essentials to be used to decorate and beautify the home or office floor and give it a facelift, and as such the fear of stain or odor should not stop you from giving your floor a new look.

What you get when you hire a professional carpet cleaning company to handle your carpet cleaning you can rest assured of a very good clean and decent return on your request.

The Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights is one of such professional companies offering services to as many demands a carpet cleaning service.

We make sure we handle all types of carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial carpets.

The goal is always one thing, and that is to clean and clean well, this is what we can always guarantee you.

We are very much aware that commercial carpets have tougher stains than residential carpets, and you might feel a little bit doubtful of how well your carpets can be cleaned, but our long record of successful carpet cleaning makes us proudly say “there’s no stain to tough for us to handle.”

One thing we also make sure we integrate into our business is the customer satisfaction being of utmost importance over everything.

With us, it is all about the customer and how to create a truly rewarding and sufficiently good result on all the services you order with us.

We pay attention to details and make sure when we get your work done; we get it done once so that you can remain happy and have a cleaner and healthier life.

A clean environment is essential to better health, and this is what we seek to help our clients with every step of the way.

Carpet Cleaning


From our perspective, we would like to say being eco-friendly is in two ways.

The first is how you make sure your home, office, apartment is neat enough to contribute positively to the environment by releasing the right odor and cleanliness and the second way is how we contribute to the environment by making sure we only use the right solutions and tools making sure no harm is caused, and no pollutant is given off during our cleaning process.

Just as we love to work for you, we also love the gift of nature and won’t mess with that.

Carpet Cleaning

Product for Cleaning your Carpet

At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights we have the best collection of cleaning items that we use to clean all the carpets ranging from soaps to shampoos to solutions and to mild chemicals that can give a deep clean on your carpets yet preserving its quality.

We make sure everything is done decently, and another and only the best cleaning materials and products are applied to your carpets so give them clean and long-lasting effects.

We take pride in the quality and deliver nothing but quality, we do not make use of cheap cleaning products but the best so that you can be guaranteed of a job well done.

Rug Cleaning

Professional Rug Area Cleaners in Brooklyn Heights

Rugs are beautiful and can make your floor dazzle in a whole new way but sometimes what is harder than having to choose a perfect type of rug color and style is maintaining it.

Even if you get the most beautiful rug and don’t properly manage it, it would look really ugly after a very short while hence the need to take proper care of your rugs arise.

The green choice is the ideal cleaning service company that would help you manage your rug and bring a clean finish to it no matter the type. We are dedicated to giving effective and qualitative services, the type of service you might never find elsewhere.

The green choice is an excellent cleaning service company that owes her expertise to long years of dedication and experience in the field of cleaning.

We offer a professional touch to your rugs, with us on the job you will never have to worry about what whether, or your rugs can become clean again, just leave the professionals to the job and watch us perform a facelift to your rugs.

You should also know that we take on cleaning jobs according to your needs and specification, all jobs are thoroughly done, and the most satisfactory results get.

Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery in Brooklyn Heights NY

Are you busy with work? Or busy with school? Or need your rugs to be taken somewhere to be washed, well we saw this request coming and made sure we provided a service that would cater to your needs.

We have an area rug cleaning pick up service that would help you pick up the rug from any area you specify, after which thorough cleaning would be made on the rug and then returned safely to the location you specify.

As part of our creed, we have made up our minds to make customers feel happier doing their cleaning. You don’t have to start thinking about all the processes you would have to go through before getting your rugs cleaned, it is as easy as picking up your cell phone and making just a single call, and you are one step ahead of contributing to the environment and making it better.

All you need to do now is to schedule a time, and we would make the process easier for you. Schedule a time, we pick up the rugs, we clean them up, and then we deliver.

Rug Cleaning

Washing your Area Rug with the Best Technology

We earlier mention that what your rug needs is proper management and handling, with this in mind we make sure we provide your area rugs with the most excellent wash and clean.

With the latest cleaning technology, we make sure we apply a very detailed cleaning experience on your rugs to make sure they come out clean and sparkling after the clean.

These technologies understand what it means to manage, and we harness their power into cleaning. There is nothing more satisfying than having to see the former glory of your area rug restored to its former glory.


Why Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights?

This is usually the big question, why Green Choice? There are over a thousand cleaning companies but why choose Green Choice? The first thing that would interest you is our firmness.

We are well established with years and years of experience and dedication making sure we bring about customer satisfaction every inch of the way.

We have amassed over the years the right skill set to handle any cleaning task with regards to carpets, rugs, and upholstery and we provide you with really tremendous results.

We pay very keen attention to the material type of your carpet, rugs, and upholstery so that we can know the right methods and process to take each material through. Each material is processed and treated differently.

Another thing that would interest you about Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights is how we treat customers.

The customers are of the highest regard and esteem. We have a very decent and cultured customer service that would make you feel like the king you are.

We have the best cleaning technology at our disposal. The machines and tools are directed towards making sure your items are properly washed and given a fine finish.

We do not make a boast about this, but you can also be with us during the cleaning process and attest to this fact.

We are not like other cleaning services that rent tools and equipment to work, we own all our equipment and know how to give a very competitive price.

To crown it all up, we have the best-trained staffs that would help you make the whole process a seamless one. Highly qualified and disciplined teams on the job.

All these factors put together are what makes Green choice and excellent cleaning service company and the best for you.

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Awesome work

Simply loves the work they had done for me.. keep going guys all the best!!

Great job!!!!

Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn picked up 2 of my rugs to be clean. The rugs came back this morning and they look beautiful. Originally the rugs had odor but they were able to remove the odor completely. I am very happy from the cleaning. I can suggest to use Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn. Very nice people, great customer service!!!

I live in Brooklyn NY. For few weeks I was searching for a local carpet cleaning company in Brooklyn area which I can trust giving them my rugs for cleaning and repair. Finally I found Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn. I have 2 antic persian rugs that I got as a present from my grandmother. The rugs needed good cleaning and moths damage repair. Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn did an amazing job!!!!! They fixed the moths damage and they did a great cleaning job, I am very satisfied!!!!Thank you Green Choice Carpet Brooklyn

Good job

Timely delivery, Clean service, Friendly supervisor, 100% satisfaction.
I am happy that i contacted the right person