February 18, 2015
Upholstery cleaning brooklyn
Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn NY specializes in Pakistani area rugs, which are some of the most beautiful rugs available. These pieces of art are lovely; they have intricate designs, and have colorful patterns and textures. Pakistani area rugs are made by hand, so extreme care needs to be taken when cleaning them. It takes...
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carpet cleaning in brooklyn NY
Cleaning Your Turkish Rugs in Brooklyn NY Turkish rugs are among the most beautiful rugs in the world. Depending on where they are produced, they may be flat woven or they may be hand-knotted, with painstaking care given to the fibers chosen, the colors that are offered and the designs that are produced. If you...
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Best Area Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn
Flokati Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY 20% Off :A Flokati rug is a specific type of rug made from wool. The process of making it is ancient, and it is linked to the way the rug is dyed and made in ancient Greece (though this process continues up to the present day). This type of rug...
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area rug cleaning in brooklyn nyc
Antique Rug Repair Brooklyn NY 20% Off Protecting Antique Rugs Did you know that the typical antique rug should be taken in for maintenance every five years? Very few people do, and this could lead to accelerated wear and tear problems. There are only a few options when it comes to dealing with an aging,...
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